Ewen Chia Book Excerpt

Here is an excerpt of Ewen Chia’s book “Make Millions Online”.

You can download the full ebook at his Internet Millionaires blog.

How It All Started…

The year was 1997. I just got my first desktop computer with a 486 dial up modem.

Ewen Chia's computer in 1997


You’ve it easy these days 🙂

At this time of writing, I’m 41 years old. In 1997, I was 24 years old when I started exploring about the internet business.

I was the typical corporate worker then. Most hasn’t heard of the internet business back then, and the idea of “making money online” was far fetched to say the least.

I didn’t start trying to make money online…

I started by trying to market my music online and failed.

So I failed at getting people interested in my songs online, but like most people I stumbled upon the whole business of making money on the internet.


Money was not enough back then, and coming from a low middle income family, I desired to have a better life. I wasn’t good at many things, including school or making friends. I was a loner.

The thought of making money online and becoming rich one day with it was thus appealing.

At that time, I just got out of school and into my first real 9-5 job. I just got married and started a family.

Things were tough will many bills to pay, and the salary I got from my job was NEVER enough. I didn’t have the capital or intelligence to start a business, invest in real estate or do trading.

It became an unhealthy obsession for me to MAKE MONEY ONLINE.

So I started my next 5 years of non-stop work, effort and investment into this “new” business. From 1997-2002, I would be online STRUGGLING without making a cent. Nobody knew the years of sweat, tears and sleepless nights.

My life was falling apart in front of me.

No future, no friends, no money, no hope.

Nobody understood why I was always at the computer, least my wife.

Didn’t help that I didn’t understood what I was doing either.

I’ll be at my computer every-single-day from 11pm – 2am.

This was after I got home from my day job and when everyone else was sleeping…I’ll be hard at work trying to make it online.

Confused, lost and having information overload. Plus what made it harder was I was never what one would called a “technical” person.

I never studied computers at school or like to meddle with things technically, so it was not easy. Good news is today, you hardly need any technical skills to start an internet business.

Getting 1 domain name back then took me days and cost me almost US$150 for one year of registration fee!

Money I didn’t have. So I borrowed from the banks. Easy way out. Not.

Well all the buying and investing ballooned into a $16,000 or so credit card debt!

And I still haven’t made a cent online after 5 years.


I fed on the words of Thomas Edison to motivate myself…

Think and Grow Rich

So on the fifth year in 2002, out of desperation, exasperation and frustration…


That was the turning point. I DECIDED I will make it. I decided I WANTED it bad enough.

So I wrote down my goal on a piece of horizontal paper…

“I WILL Be A Multi-Millionaire Online!”

I didn’t believe it. But I would die trying. I decided I will succeed.

I was 29 years old. I made my first million online when I reached 34.

And the media came calling…

Ewen Chia in the media

Since then, my internet businesses have generated multiple millions per year, consistently like clockwork.

Read the full ebook by downloading it from Ewen Chia’s Internet Millionaires blog.